Closing Day!

You're almost at the finish line, and it's nearly time for congratulations. However, there are a few remaining tasks to complete:

Last-Minute Inspection:

Typically more a formality than a hurdle, the final walk-through happens either the day before or on the closing day itself. The buyer inspects the property to confirm that everything remains operational, the condition hasn't changed since their last visit, and no unwanted items have been left behind.

Terminating Utilities and Services:

We'll give you a list of contacts to help you discontinue any home services and utilities after the sale is finalized.

Be Ready for the Unexpected:

While we hope for a smooth closing, unexpected hitches can occur. Whether it's a last-minute issue with the property or a delay in the buyer’s financing, don't worry. We have dealt with similar situations in the past and know how to navigate them efficiently and with minimal stress.

The Actual Closing:

At the closing, a settlement statement will be prepared by the closing agent. This document outlines all financial transactions involved in the sale. Both you and the buyer will sign this statement to certify its accuracy. If for some reason you can't attend the closing, alternative arrangements can be made based on the specific circumstances and the notice given.

As for disbursing the funds from the sale, you have the option of either electronic transfer to your bank account or receiving a certified check at the time of closing. Finally, make sure you bring all keys, garage door openers, pool and mail keys,electronic garage/front door codes for smart locks, and any essential information for the new owner to the closing so they can take possession then and there.

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