Price Isn't the Sole Factor.

Contrary to the common belief that "a higher price equals a better offer," several variables play into deciding the attractiveness of an offer. The initial offer often serves as a starting point for negotiations, and various terms and conditions can impact the final price. Trust our experts to provide a detailed analysis of each proposal, ensuring that you maintain a strong negotiating position.

Effective Negotiations.

We take the ethical responsibility of negotiating contract terms to heart. Our aim is to secure a mutually beneficial agreement for all parties. You may receive multiple offers, and we will help you objectively assess each one so that you can ratify the one that best meets your needs.

Initial Contract and Earnest Money.

A legally binding agreement sets the terms between you, the seller, and the potential buyer. Although laws differ by state, most contracts require "consideration," often in the form of an initial deposit, to be legally binding. This deposit is typically held in an escrow account by the closing agent until all contractual conditions are met.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Transaction:

  • Keep Everything in Writing. To avoid misunderstandings, it’s crucial to convert all verbal arrangements, including counteroffers and amendments, into written form for both parties to sign. We will help you with all necessary documentation and ensure you have copies for your records.

  • Adhere to the Timeline. Upon agreeing on an offer, both you and the buyer will have a timeline outlining key milestones in the closing process. Sticking to these deadlines ensures seamless negotiations and helps prevent contractual breaches. We’ll keep you updated throughout, preparing you for each upcoming step.

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