Final Steps Before Closing

You're almost at the finish line, but it's important to make sure all the final details are in order before celebrating.

Last-Minute Inspection:

Generally a formality, the last walk-through happens either the day before or on the closing day. It's a chance to confirm that the property's condition hasn't changed, no additional items have been left behind, and that everything you agreed to purchase is still on the property.

Setting Up Home Services:

After the closing, you'll need to activate various services and utilities. We'll provide you with a list of relevant contact numbers to make this transition smoother.

Be Ready for Anything:

Even at this late stage, unexpected issues can arise. Whether it's a sudden malfunction in the property or some other minor hiccup, don't worry. We have the experience to manage these situations effectively and keep stress at bay.

The Actual Closing:

The settlement agent will provide a summary statement detailing all the financial transactions involved. Both you and the seller will need to review and sign this document, verifying its accuracy. If you're financing your purchase, you'll also have to sign all the necessary loan documents. If you can't attend the closing, alternate arrangements can be made, depending on the situation and how much notice we have. For the funds you're contributing, you have the option to wire them electronically to the agent's escrow account or bring a certified bank check in the amount stated in the settlement document. The seller should prepare to hand over all keys and any other essential information during the closing.

Once all these steps are completed, you'll be ready to officially become the new property owner.

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